Unruly perceptions

Very early in my photographic work, I became rapidly bored with creating images with “classic” aesthetic attributes. For instance, I felt increasingly reluctant to create images using super-wide-angle perspectives, applying the “rule of thirds” or the Fibonacci ratios, or using any other tool/approach that would assure a consistent approval from the audience.  Out of pure experimentation and exploring new means to express myself, in a way that was meaningful to me, and without being concerned about approval, I created images that were a by-product of such deep interests of mine. Thus, when looking at these images, I encourage you to leave aside your preconceptions of what a picture “must look like”, at least in their technical/ aesthetic intent. The following images resulted from a very intuitive and spontaneous response (99% of my images are!!), absolutely freed from the slavery of photographic “rules”. “Recording unfelt facts by acquired rule results in a sterile inventory” ~~ E. Weston